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Covalent’s Performance, Governance and Risk Cloud is used by over 40,000 users to transform these traditionally static functions into dynamic processes that are aligned with organisational goals and priorities.

Covalent straddles the entire spectrum of Performance and Governance functions from metrics, risks and action plans through incidents, complaints, policies and more. You can use each product independently for particular departments, or as part of a fully integrated corporate management control solution.

For instance, Covalent will be able to show you what particular risk is preventing a KPI from reaching its target, and which action plan is to be implemented to mitigate that risk.



Consolidating all your Performance, Governance and Risk data in one integrated, organisation-wide repository provides early problem warning to the right person at the right time so they can take timely corrective action


Viewing and reporting on linked functions like this truly delivers a complete, cross-organisation picture of progress and potential problem areas. Users appreciate the simplicity of using products that all work in a similar way, so driving widespread buy-in


Because it is cloud-based, there’s no need to concern internal IT departments with a lengthy installation programme or introducing new security measures. Customers are up and running with a single repository of all their data in a matter of weeks


Covalent's suite of Performance
& Governance products

Why use Covalent


Fully Integrated

Our products can all be linked together. For example, an underperforming KPI that is mapped to a specific corporate objective might be linked to an improvement action plan and an associated business risk. Alternatively they work independently, so you can choose just those components required to address any specific shortcomings you may be experiencing.


Visually Rich

Covalent’s visually rich dashboards present this now linked data in an easy-to-read display. The dashboards allow anyone in the business, from the Board down through senior management & ultimately operational users, to see at a glance how the business is performing and where to take remedial action quickly.


Early Warning 

Covalent constantly monitors for status changes in performance, risks or any missed deadlines and alerts nominated owners by email when things change. It also sends notifications about upcoming review dates or completion deadlines.confidently.