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Covalent Performance and Risk Management Software at a glance




Visually-rich presentation so people can intuitively understand and quickly identify problem areas. 



Joined-up Performance and Governance in a single system so you can actively manage, not just monitor.


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Alerts and notifications provide early problem warning and reminders about due dates, to the right person at the right time

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Provide Board assurance with
robust governance processes

With all Performance & Governance information consolidated in a single repository, easily viewed online or in reports, the Board has more effective oversight and full-picture confidence in supporting compliance processes.

Covalent Product Suite

Execute better performance
management decisions

Visually rich dashboards provide at-a-glance understanding of problem areas and a tool to manage corrective action, giving managers the business intelligence to make and execute better decisions.

Covalent Action Management


Make the risk process dynamic

Transform static data into dynamic plans that link risk assessments with actions and KPIs to deliver assurance on internal controls and limit a risk's impact on your business.

Covalent Risk Management

Improve operational performance 

Aligning metrics with key business goals and measuring progress against target ensures that employees remain focused on their priorities, with clear lines of accountability.

Covalent Performance Management

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Drive employee engagement

Transform your staff appraisals. Streamline the admin process, compare competencies across the organisation and identify skills gaps to deliver a more effective and engaged workforce, aligned to corporate goals.

Covalent Employee Performance Management

Covalent Users

Wherever you sit within an organisation, Covalent provides personalised views that help everyone manage their responsibilities whilst minimising the administration.


C - Suite

  • Executive dashboards
  • Assurance frameworks
  • Exception reporting
  • Cross-business visibility
  • Consolidated board dossiers

Senior Managers 

  • Departmental dashboards
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alerts and escalations
  • Progress trackers

Operational Users 

  • Updates hub
  • Reminder notifications
  • Workflow management
  • Personalised to-do lists
  • Reporting
  • Time saving

From the top down every employee can see the company or organisation's objectives and understand their role in delivering success

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