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Covalent KPIs provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance information, replacing all those spreadsheets and Word documents scattered on individuals' PCs.


Map business objectives at each organisational level and link KPIs to track achievement


Real-time reporting allows remedial action to be taken quickly and confidently


Reduce time wastage on managing the process, resulting in more productive, action-orientated staff

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Produce real-time, highly visual Performance Reporting

  • Bring data to life with visually-rich views so people can  understand information at a glance and quickly identify problem areas.

  • Quickly build reports using the library of pre-defined  templates or create customised report layouts for your  organisation’s needs.

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Make more informed, fact-based decisions, confidently

  • Focus on ‘leading’ predictive indicators to pick out trend patterns or look forward at future performance against target. 

  • Take remedial action to improve off-target performance when alerted to status changes.

  • Track time, quality and cost KPIs in your business processes to highlight operational inefficiencies and performance improvement opportunities. 

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Get staff managing performance, not just monitoring

  • Present timely information to staff in personalised views that eliminate information overload.

  • Reinforce ownership by making nominated users accountable for each KPI.

  • Foster staff collaboration using Notes feature and Document Vault.

  • Notify staff via automated e-mails status change alerts and update reminders.

  • Create escalation routines to notify managers of slipped deadlines or off-target results

  • Constantly track performance against targets

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Align performance with business goals

  • Map out business objectives at each organisational level, and link KPIs to track achievement.

  • Assess progress with corporate and business goals in an ongoing review cycle instead of the typical annual one-off exercise.

  • Provide early warning of faltering performance to the right person at the right time, so they can improve the outcome.

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Streamline data collection and analysis

  • Reduce time wastage on 'managing the process' and report creation.

  • Present users with just those KPIs they own and which are due for update.

  • Extract data directly from core business systems to automatically populate in Covalent.

  • Identify geographic hotspots by presenting results in maps.

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'We now do all our reporting of KPIs on Covalent so every manager knows what they've got to do.
The Board now has all the detail they need in their performance reports, with
a trend view that makes it very easy to pick out what's happening.'

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