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  1. Q.1
    Does your solution provide continuous improvements and upgrades?

    Yes. Covalent’s development team are always striving to improve and upgrade the software and invite our customers to suggest possible enhancements they would like to see with the product.

  2. Q.2
    What are your key solution differentiators?

    Covalent straddles the entire spectrum of Performance and Governance functions from metrics, risks and action plans through incidents, complaints, policies and more. Covalent’s products are fully integrated and can be linked together. For example an underperforming KPI that is mapped to a specific corporate objective might be linked to an improvement action plan and an associated risk. In the words of one of our clients…

    ‘Covalent is in a unique market place position as it is the only known system to provide an integrated business management solution that includes all elements such as performance, risk, actions and finance’
    Emma Reid, NHS Salford CCG

  3. Q.3
    Is there a limit to the number of users on your system?

    No. Covalent does not limit access by number of users. Our team will work with the client to procure the appropriate number of licences and ensure that licensing restrictions are not prohibitive. Within our range of customers we have clients that have as few as 5 users, and some that have over 1800 users. Covalent can provide you with as many as you need.

  4. Q.4
    Can Covalent integrate with other systems?

    Covalent Integration allows customers to automatically extract data from other third party business systems or your own systems so users can view and report on that data within Covalent.

    Call us to find out more information on Covalent Integration.

  5. Q.5
    Why do I need a Performance & Governance Management solution?

    Having an integrated Performance and Governance solution will provide:

    • Transforms organisational performance by arming you with a software suite that tracks progress of business plan goals, and uniquely manages the corrective actions to
    • Better strategy execution by aligning strategy goals and
    • Continuous operational performance improvement by tracking performance of the critical business success drivers.
    • Effective Resource Management by adjusting resource allocation to deliver efficiency savings during the year as part of a ‘more with less’ agenda.

    Traditional means of managing performance and governance often leads to businesses working in silos, with each department using its own spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet is formatted differently and captures data in a different way.

  6. Q.6
    Are disaster recovery services are provided?

    Yes. Covalent has a tested recovery plan in place in the event of a major failure. We work with world leading suppliers and have a detailed SLA available. 

  7. Q.7
    How are major and minor software releases carried out?

    As a cloud software product, updates are made to our application servers out of business hours, with no download or installation required for end users.

  8. Q.8
    How often are upgrades released?

    We make frequent, minor upgrades to the software every fortnight with full release notes provided well in advance.

  9. Q.9
    How is Covalent hosted?

    Covalent is supplied as a hosted, managed service from a specialist datacentre where the software and customer performance data is stored and maintained. This datacentre is built and run by our specialist hosing partner, Rackspace Managed Hosting.

  10. Q.10
    Do you provide annual support?

    Covalent provides an ongoing Customer Support service on a rolling annual basis, once the Covalent system is live and fully operational.

  11. Q.11
    How long does it usually take to implement your solution?

    Implementation will last from 10-12 weeks, depending on the number of modules you purchase and how much data requires loading on to the system. We have an implementation process available to customers. 

  12. Q.12
    What implementation services do you provide?
    As part of our implementation service, the stages are as follows:
    1. Kick off meeting: Provide a kick off meeting to discuss and plan the implementation strategy and process
    2. Training: Provide system administration training whilst the site is configured with the customers initial user list
    3. Implementation: The rest of the site is then configured as required and your data is loaded to the site and is accessible by your site administrators
    4. Project completion and go-live: Final data loading is completed and project completion document is sent to the customer. The site is now supported by the customer support team.
    5. Ongoing support and helpdesk
  13. Q.13
    What is your approach to training?

    We offer training as part of our implementation service. We also offer further specific training at our customers’ requests. Please call us for more details.