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Case Studies

  • B&CE
    Covalent selected to facilitate the improvements required for an effective Enterprise Risk Management Solution at B&CE
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  • Civil Aviation Authority
    Covalent has provided the CAA with an efficient tool to access and update their risk data
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  • BMJ
    Covalent has improved the effectiveness of BMJ’s Risk Management process
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  • OPCC for Devon and Cornwall
    With Covalent, the OPCC can now link PIs, Actions and Risks to create a fully integrated management system
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  • Mersey Care NHS
    Covalent GRC has brought all of Mersey Care NHS Trust’s risk information together
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  • Cobalt Housing
    Using Appraisals to complete 100% staff evaluations and implement effective training.
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  • London Borough of Hackney
    Covalent helps London Borough of Hackney reduce staffing costs, improve quality of service & decrease escalation of complaints from 13% to 4%
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  • Nottingham City Council
    Integrating Covalent’s Feedback module with the Council’s Corporate Website
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  • One Vision Housing
    Using Covalent Actions to transform the business planning process
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  • South Essex Homes
    ALMO using Covalent to streamline performance management
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  • Northwards Housing
    Covalent helps Northwards Housing integrate their KPIs, Risks and improvement plans in one system
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  • WM Housing
    Covalent has helped WM Housing streamline their policy management process and monitor which staff have read and signed off policies.
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