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Covalent has provided the CAA with an efficient tool to access and update their risk data

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Success Story

'When Covalent Browser was launched, the potential benefits were immediately apparent. With the ability to create highly targeted dashboards to meet any individual's or team's needs, the background noise from the rest of the data was immediately invisible'

Marq Crane, Civil Aviation Authority, Business Systems Lead (Covalent)

The Situation

Before Covalent was introduced, CAA used Excel and Word for their risk management processes, including business planning, reporting and assurance. However, these had become time consuming, complicated, unstable and unreliable and brought problems with it such as:

  • A lack of any consistency in approach
  • A lack of Governance
  • A lacking presence of robust assurance oversight

Early Covalent

Initially, in the early days of rolling out Covalent, access was very limited, and most content and updates were gained through conversation and collaboration with business areas from a small group of corporate and business planning leads and risk representatives - but interest in expanding access and usage of the system grew very quickly, therefore the roll-out expanded.

Covalent Browser

When Covalent Browser was launched the potential benefits to the CAA were immediately apparent. With the ability to create highly targeted and bespoke dashboards to meet any individual's or team's needs and create landing portals pertinent to each unit, division and project, the background noise from the rest of the system data was immediately invisible. This resulted in a quicker and smoother experience when accessing and updating the important data. That coupled with CAA's Executive and Senior Leadership teams having access to the system on their iOS Apple devices was a huge catalyst for the acceptance and adoption of the system.

Following roll-out

Following the roll-out, CAA had the chance to investigate Covalent Browser's other capabilities and potential benefits. One of those was score cards and strategy maps.

The ability to capture and track dependencies through the system's 'Related Links' feature has increased their awareness and effectiveness of working collaboratively, whilst mapping and illustrating those relationships against our strategic objectives and outcomes. This has helped the CAA challenge thinking rooted in silos by reinforcing a sense of shared ownership and responsibility in delivering every part of their strategy either directly, or through the support given to or received by colleagues from all across the CAA.

The next stage of Covalent at the CAA

The next step for the CAA is to introduce Covalent Browser to a CAA wide audience to help their employees engage with the strategy and their 'One CAA' mantra by making existing internal engagement materials far more relatable, using Strategy Maps to make them interactive and provide a direct, cognisant link between what they do on a day-to-day basis and the influence and impact this has on the organisation's achievement of its strategic aims.

'Covalent has proven to be an extremely useful and intuitive tool that has already far outreached the purpose for which it was originally acquired - and there are a few other things in the pipeline - which should lead to Covalent providing even more value to the CAA, its outcomes and even the industry which it regulates.'

Marq Crane, Civil Aviation Authority, Business Systems Lead (Covalent)