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Covalent Actions overcomes the obstacles and limitations of spreadsheets by delivering a feature-rich project management tool that integrates multiple divisions with an easy-to-use dashboard solution.


Proactively manage actions against deadlines, tracking progress and reminding action owners when deadlines are approaching


Manage a portfolio of projects with the Covalent Action Timeline which calculates the percentage of completion of each project


Align actions to corporate priorities and objectives to track progress with strategy execution

Project and Action Management Software - Strip1

Manage action plans from one place

  • Log action progress in terms of % complete by using the slider bar control

  • Enter progress updates and commentary in the tabular updates page which displays just those actions for which the user has responsibility 

  • Collapse actions into milestones to simplify the process of updating 

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Monitor actions progress in one simple dashboard 

  • Displays just those actions for which the user has responsibility

  • Review progress for all projects managed on the action timeline

  • Review action status with traffic lighting relative to due date

  • Quickly see how all your actions are doing in one view

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Project and Action Management Software - Strip2
Project and Action Management Software - Strip3

Track progress and drive user engagement

  • Record the original and current due dates for action completion, planned and actual start dates, and completed date

  • Reinforce lines of accountability by assigning each action to nominated users, at different levels of responsibility

  • Automatically email update reminders and status change alerts (e.g. green to red) to the appropriate department or person

‘Covalent has played a key role in driving performance improvement through the Actions Tracking and
Performance Improvement Group - poor performing areas are easily identified and alerts sent to
the appropriate officer. Covalent has become the corporate and comprehensive focal point
for performance and management information.’

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