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Covalent Policies provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for all your corporate policies, streamlining the entire lifecycle to ensure policy compliance and minimal administration


Proactively track acceptance, and individual acknowledgement of policy requirements


Reduce the administrative burden of a labour intensive process


Minimise the risk of litigation and costs of non-compliance

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Proactively track acceptance of policy requirements

  • Monitor overall acceptance of policies within the organisation by referring to % of signees from employee groups and report on take-up

  • Assign a target deadline date for total acceptance

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Streamline the entire corporate policies management lifecycle

  • Review draft policies collaboratively by relevant users, with workflow managing the approval sign-off and publishing process

  • Assign policies to all users who need to accept and sign-off. Notify users of new/updated policies, with commentary summarising any changes

  • Automatically send email notifications to remind staff who have not signed off a policy

  • Maintain version control and the audit trail of changes to policies. Amend, delete and archive policies over time

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Align policies with organisational performance and governance

  • Communicate policies to staff to improve standards of individual accountability

  • Link policies to risks, actions, audits and compliance frameworks held elsewhere in Covalent

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Real time highly visual reports and dashboards

  • Produce visually-rich reports publish results for sign-up to one particular policy or summarise results across multiple policies

  • Quickly build report using the library of pre-defined templates or create customised report layouts for your organisation

  • Visualise summary statistics with drill-down functionality to increasing levels of details.


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