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Covalent Incidents allows you to profile incidents by type, highlight areas of concern and assign responsibility for further investigation to individuals, ultimately identifying risks to be monitored and mitigated against.


Simplify the process of logging different incident types and promote consistency in what details are recorded


Investigate and implement corrective action to minimise risk of incident recurrence


Record and investigate industry specific incidents

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Investigate incidents to resolution

  • Initiate pre-defined multi-stage workflow processes that automatically notify people when deadlines arise

  • Or just create a remedial action within milestones to complete

  • Link investigations to relevant regulations as evidence of compliance

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Identify issues from a single repository

  • Consolidate all incidents in a secure online system with full supporting information

  • Identify issues at a glance with traffic-lighting that focus staff’s attention on areas of concern

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Produce real-time, highly visual incident reports

  • Produce full reports on all incidents so people can monitor issues and trends

  • Quickly build reports using the library of pre-defined templates or create customised report layouts for your organisation’s needs

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Align incidents with related risks

  • Escalate those incidents that are posing a potential threat to the organisation into a risk, to be monitored and controlled

  • Where risks are already identified, link emerging incidents related to that risk

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