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Covalent Feedback consolidates all your customer communications into a single, structured system that manages the process, allowing you to monitor contact from start to finish across complaints, feedback, freedom of information requests and much more.


Ensure consistency in complaints handling, streamlining the process easing the administrative burden on the organisation


Profile complaints to easily investigate patterns and identify trends to avoid recurrence


Easily escalate unresolved complaints to the right people quickly

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Streamline the process and focus on resolving complaints

  • Record policy guidance to users for each stage

  • Reinforce lines of accountability by assigning complaints to owners who add guidance and commentary for easy referencing by all users

  • Automatically escalate complaints to different stages if they remain unresolved

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Reduce response times and escalation rates

  • Create templates for each feedback type: complaint, compliment or suggestions

  • Record all communication in a simple form view in line with each template and add relevant supporting documentation to queries for future reference

  • Identify any complaints slipping their deadline date with traffic-light system

  • Automatically email update reminders and escalate status change alerts

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Complaint and Feedback Management Software - ProductStrip2
Complaint and Feedback Management Software - ProductStrip3

Analyse data to spot trends and identify long-term solutions

  • Record a variety of complaint profile information (such as complaint type, complaint source, complaint remedy and complainant type) to help minimise chances of a complaint recurring

  • Analyse reasons for contact using categories and other profile information

  • Set up default options for remedy types, e.g. a specific action taken to remedy the complaint or a review/change to the processes of the organisation

  • Link Feedback to Actions so that managers can easily see related plans that are in place to improve services

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‘Covalent Feedback has provided a fully supported flexible system which is easily accessible to all our
users and managers. It supported a step change in complaints handling by giving greater accessibility to
records and performanceinformation and allowing for greater analysis issues affecting services.’ 

Bruce Devile, Head of Business Analysis & Complaints, London Borough of Hackney

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