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Covalent Appraisals streamlines your employee performance management process, reducing time and costs, but more importantly, capturing crucial business intelligence to support HR decision-making.


Streamline procedures to reduce the time spent conducting, managing and tracking employee appraisals


Align employees personal goals with organisational-priorities to produce a clear view of employee contribution to the bigger picture


Identify strength and weaknesses within the workforce, and compare competencies to measure the effectiveness of training

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Simplify the Appraisals process & reduce cycle time

  • Run on-going performance reviews, rather than just an ‘annual burst of activity’

  • Streamline the process of completing appraisals to shorten cycle time and reduce paperwork

  • Track appraisals progress and results, with insightful reports and dashboards that inform HR decision-making

  • Ensure on-time completion with automatic email reminders to alert employees and managers to tasks and deadlines

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Effective staff development to fill skill gaps within teams

  • Engage with staff more effectively in their own career development

  • Track progress of tasks and of personal development plans against due dates

  • Improve employee performance continually

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Improve organisational capability based on key insights

  • Consolidate organisation wide training needs to close identified competency gaps

  • Develop organisational strength with proactive succession planning

  • Link organisational objectives with departmental and employee goals to ensure coordinated and focused workforce activity

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Set career and performance goals for every employee

  • Cascade corporate goals down through the organisation to the individual

  • Evaluate employees against a defined competency checklist that can be linked to job roles

  • Analyse the competency profile of employee and department teams to identify skill gaps

  • Monitor how individuals are progressing with their specific goals towards divisional and organisational goals

  • One-click reporting for managers to track employee goals

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‘Implementation of Appraisal’s has streamlined out processes for annuals and 1:1 appraisals, 
ensuring consistency across the business. 
It also saves us time and money.’ 

Annette Brandwood, Director of Performance & Review, Cobalt Housing 

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