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Covalent Compliance assesses your compliance status for audits and inspections against the relevant regulatory frameworks, provisions and codes, eliminating the hassle of gathering supporting evidence for auditors.


Ensure a consistent approach to compliance, in line with frameworks and regulatory guidance


Simplify the gathering of your supporting evidence


Quickly identify lower scoring areas that merit further attention with intuitive traffic-light views

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Streamline the assessment process with templates

  • Select from Covalent's library of sector-specific and other relevant governance frameworks

  • Each template contains the model structure, Key Lines Of Enquiry (KLOEs) and key questions with all supporting statutory guidance/background information

  • Create your own compliance management framework for internal audit/governance purposes

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Pre-defined scoring framework keeps assessments on track

  • Define the precise scoring mechanism used for each question in the model 'rules'

  • These rules form the basis of the traffic-lighting when you are doing the actual assessment

  • Score current performance for each question in the model hierarchy, resulting in a traffic-lighted status based on the pre-defined rules

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Understand who is doing what, when, and monitor progress

  • Reinforce lines of accountability by assigning each item to nominated users, at different levels of responsibility (e.g. Manager, Assignee, Viewer)

  • Automatically email update reminders and status change alerts (e.g. green to red) to the appropriate department or person

  • View the current position at any time and undertake multiple assessments over time to track how improvements are coming through

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Simplify the process of gathering supporting evidence

  • Create free text field labels where you can store commentary related to the self-assessed score

  • Files of any type and format can be uploaded as further supporting evidence

  • Add additional commentary and explanations in the Notes panel – user and date stamped

  • Specify links to actions, PIs and risks held elsewhere in Covalent that provide further supporting information

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