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Supplying the UK Public Sector via G Cloud since 2012

The G Cloud framework was introduced to promote the adoption of cloud computing, and support the government's drive to deliver 25% of central Government procurement spend through SME's by the end of this parliament, as well as enabling public sector organisations to benefit from the advantages that cloud computing can bring. 


As an supplier on the G Cloud framework since 2012, Covalent can offer its software to the public sector - from performance management, through to risk and incident management.

Covalent's Performance and Risk Management cloud solution is proven-in-action, across the public sector, such as Local Government, Housing, Emergency Services and other public authorities as a tool for improving corporate performance, governance, risk management and business planning.

Via the G Cloud Catalogue Digital Marketplace, we can supply you with:

  • Covalent Action & Project Management
  • Covalent Performance Management
  • Covalent Risk Management
  • Covalent Appraisals Management
  • Covalent Feedback & Complaints Management
  • Covalent Policy Management
  • Covalent Incident Management
  • Covalent Audit Management
  • Covalent Compliance Management

GOV.UK Digital Marketplace

Find our following products on the G Cloud Digital Market Place

Covalent Actions & Project Management

Covalent Actions overcomes the obstacles and limitations of spreadsheets by delivering a feature-rich project management tool that integrates multiple divisions with an easy-to-use dashboard solution.

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Covalent Performance Management

Covalent KPIs provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance information, replacing all those spreadsheets and Word documents scattered on individuals' PCs.

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Covalent Risk Management

Covalent Risks manages the entire life-cycle of risks, supporting planning and providing Board-level assurance on the effectiveness of your internal controls for mitigation, governance and compliance.

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Covalent Appraisals Management

Covalent Appraisals streamlines your employee performance management process, reducing time and costs, but more importantly, capturing crucial business intelligence to support HR decision-making.

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Covalent Feedback & Complaints Management

Covalent Feedback consolidates all your customer communications into a single, structured system that manages the process, allowing you to monitor contact from start to finish across complaints, feedback, freedom of information requests and much more.

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Covalent Policy Management

Covalent Policies provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for all your corporate policies, streamlining the entire lifecycle to ensure policy compliance and minimal administration.

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Covalent Incident Management

Covalent Incidents allows you to profile incidents by type, highlight areas of concern and assign responsibility for further investigation to individuals, ultimately identifying risks to be monitored and mitigated against.

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Covalent Audit Management

Covalent Audits supports a risk-based approach to developing the annual audit plan, provides a single repository for you to record and assess the effectiveness of your controls, and manage the team and all its actions through to successful audits.

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Covalent Compliance Management

Covalent Compliance assesses your compliance status for audits and inspections against the relevant regulatory frameworks, provisions and codes, eliminating the hassle of gathering supporting evidence for auditors.

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