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With Covalent, the OPCC can now link PIs, Actions and Risks to create a fully integrated management system

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Success Story

‘We have really progressed our maturity in risk management and have certainly taken a number of steps forward with the support of Covalent’

Ed Wardle, OPCC for Devon and Cornwall, Head of Audit

The Situation

In 2009 a risk maturity measurement indicated the need for improvements to the process for risk management, and associated action tracking in mitigation of identified risks, which was carried out via Excel spreadsheets at that time.
As maturity of risk improved, it became clear that the limitations of spreadsheet functionality was beginning to hamper further progress which included a lack of audit trail, automated mechanisms to trigger action prompts, linkages to performance data, and problems of version control. Following the risk maturity measurement, it was concluded that risk management processes could not advance using spreadsheet records.

The Challenge

Find a solution that could encompass both the OPCC’s and the Police Force’s organisation and subordinate risk registers, and be able to summarise these together as a managed joint risk register. It also needed to include (or link) the corresponding action tracking needed for strong corporate governance.

The Solution

Implement an efficient, economic and effective risk and performance management system that provided improved decision making, better governance, greater integrity of information and wider access of risk information. Following an open procurement and evaluation process, Covalent was identified as the most suited to their requirements.

‘Covalent has contributed to the OPCC and Force improving their risk maturity over the last two to three years. Covalent provides the platform through which the strategic thinking of the organisation can be reflected and evaluated’ 

Ed Wardle, OPCC for Devon and Cornwall, Head of Audit

The Benefits

  • Relational database - Risks, Actions and PIs are linked together, and more importantly through scorecards to describe the risk, planning and performance environment facing the OPCC and the Force.
  • Straight forward and logical interface
  • Supports organisational strategy more effectively
  • Improved risk maturity as a result from Covalent’s functionality, flexibility and customer support
  • Enable internal auditors to monitor and update the plan in real-time
  • Alert auditors to upcoming and overdue work
  • Flexible system which allows the organisation to tailor the systems functionality to the organisations approach to risk management

‘Covalent has transformed the way we monitor risk. When we loaded our risks onto Covalent, we took the opportunity to change the way we articulated them in the past. Covalent has added significant value to the OPCC and Force’s governance arrangements’ 

Ed Wardle, OPCC for Devon and Cornwall, Head of Audit