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Integrating Covalent’s Feedback module with the Council’s Corporate Website

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Success Story

‘Having a front-facing system integrated with Covalent has enabled the Council to route feedback to the right service without delay. We can better ensure citizens who give us feedback get a timely response and we can start to use this for organisational improvement and learning. The Dashboard is a useful way for services to know where their feedback is up to. It provides a quick and easy overview, allowing you to go into the case detail if neces-sary. We’re using this to high-light how much feedback we’ve had and the current state of cases.’

Ray Hennessy, Nottingham City Council, Citizen First Programme Manager

The Situation

Nottingham City Council identified the need for a performance management solution that provided the ability to monitor certain areas to drive improvement. One area identified was monitoring feedback to the council in line with the Council’s Citizen First Transformation Programme, and a key manifesto pledge to

‘Make Nottingham the most citizen friendly council in the country & ensure that when surveyed 95% of people are satisfied with the way they were treated’

Feedback was received in a centralised generic ‘inbox’ which then manually disseminated to the appropriate team. Besides the time wastage in this process. It was difficult to manage citizen feedback in a consistent way across the organisation.

The Solution

The Council concluded that having the councils performance data and citizen feedback consolidated in one system would be the ideal scenario, allowing the council to monitor if performance in line with how satisfied citizens were with the services provided to them. The potential time savings envisaged by automating the monitoring of feedback performance was seen as a big potential benefit. Covalent also provided the ability to take feedback data directly from the Council website contact form into the feedback system, helping to ensure consistency and improving data quality.

The Benfits
Time savings in terms of automating the monitoring of feedback performance
  • The Council can use the feedback for organisational improvement and learning
  • Council citizens gain a timely response
  • Allows staff to close the item at the first stage. 80% of all complaints to the council are resolved directly by front-line staff. Prior to Covalent, most of those complaints would not be recorded
  • Customisable to map the council’s process for feedback handling. Some customer fields were added to capture additional info the help with tailored reporting.
  • Improved data quality and volume of information being recorded will allow the council to learn from trends and allocate resources as required to ensure customer satisfaction
  • A tailored module to fit around the policy

“The intranet form also allows staff to close the item at the first stage. This is a major benefit for the Council, around 80% of all complaints to the Council are resolved directly by front line staff. Prior to the new system most of those complaints would not be recorded. By recording these complaints its ensures all of the feedback information provided is captured and that the frontline staff receive credit for the early resolution and that best practice can be developed following analysis of their actions.”