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Covalent GRC has brought all of Mersey Care NHS Trust’s risk information together

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Success Story

‘We’ve now got our risk portfolio all in one place. The Executives and Non-Executives can see all of our risks at a press of a button’

Steve Bradbury, Mersey Care Trust, Head of Quality & Risk

The Situation

Prior to Covalent, Mersey Care used Word documents to manage their risks. This resulted in numerous copies of risk registers stored via shared drivers, with poor version control. Even though it was possible to maintain these documents to a point and pull the info together for reporting, it was only done by nominated individuals which made it time consuming with reports taking up to half a day to produce. This was an inefficient way to manage risk, and it came to the point where the process had become unmanageable.

The Challenge

Find a solution that could bring all of Mersey Care’s risk information in to one single environment, that enabled reporting in a number of ways whilst being able to assign risks to individuals.

The Solution

Mersey Care looked at a variety of solutions, and identified Covalent Software as they system to meet and exceed these requirements, as well as being a simple and intuitive system.

‘We liked Covalent because of the huge functionality, and apparent simplicity with which it could be used. It appeared intuitive and presented information in a manner that the audience really appreciated. People do find it an easy system to use.’

Steve Bradbury, Mersey Care Trust, Head of Quality & Risk

The Benefits

  • Reporting to committees is much more flexible
  • Collaborative working culture. Staff are more ‘risk aware; and are actively involved in all stages of the risk lifecycle.
  • All information is accessible in a single repository for staff to access at any time
  • Manage and monitor risks more effectively and efficiently
  • Time savings in report generation

‘In the short time we have been using Covalent, it has massively changed the way we talk about risk across the organisation. I would definitely recommend Covalent.’

Steve Bradbury, Mersey Care Trust, Head of Quality & Risk