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Using Appraisals to complete 100% staff evaluations and implement effective training.

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Success Story

‘Implementation of Appraisal’s has streamlined our processes for annual and 1:1 appraisals, ensuring consistency across the business. It also saves us time and money’

Annette Brandwood, Cobalt Housing, Director of Performance & Review

The Situation

Cobalt Housing’s original process was delivered using a paper-based system of a selection of forms, often resulting in some parts of the process being missed out, and brought with it duplication of effort in recording results. The process was not consistently followed and the organisation was only achieving approximately 75% completion rates. It provided no clear link to training and development, and competencies were not effectively included within the process.

The Challenge

Find an appraisals process that was consistently followed, and provided a clear link to training and development.

The Solution

Cobalt Housing purchased Covalent Appraisal’s after seeing how easily and effectively it was able to pull together projects, actions, and performance against PIs. The ability to measure competencies and make comparisons to look for weaknesses and strengths, and then build these into training and development plans was an obvious benefit to them.

'During the first year of usage, 100% of appraisals were completed for the first time'

Annette Brandwood, Director of Performance and Review, Cobalt Housing

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The Benefits

  • During the first year of usage, 100% completion in appraisals was achieved for the first time
  • Consistent process that is used by every employee, and being delivered effectively
  • Effective in ensuring key projects and performance against targets is discussed and documented
  • Able to identify strengths and weaknesses between teams, and compare competencies to allow Cobalt Housing to measure the effectiveness of training that was implemented to address gaps in skills or performance
  • Costs saved in terms of paper and printing, and time savings made in collecting, inputting, analysing and reporting on data

'Would highly recommend Covalent Appraisal’s, not only to similar organisations, as its benefits can be enjoyed by many organisations'

Annette Brandwood, Director of Performance and Review, Cobalt Housing